Live webinars

As a world stopping pandemic hit the industry and brought all work to a standstill, Screen Print India Expo - Mumbai hosted live webinars to maintain the engagement between the industry. These webinars were delivered by experienced panel members who knew the pulse of the industry. The aim of the webinars was to update the industry about the impact they had to brace for as well as predict and prepare the industry for post-covid times. It also helped the industry develop a business revival plan.

Webinar 1: Digital printing on textiles - New age industrial machines and their performance

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Webinar delivered by Mr Charles Arputhaswamy, Digital Textile Printing Specialist

The webinar threw light on the different aspects of digital textile printing. Mr Charles gave the industry technical insights into the new age machines and materials that not only improve quality of the final output but also increase the quantitative output of the printer.  

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Webinar 2: Embracing change in your business model to stay relevant

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Webinar delivered by Mr Dharminder Biharie, CEO BizzModell (Netherlands)

The webinar aimed at promoting people to make changes in the way businesses should function in the future. At the stage we are in the industry needs new plans and innovations to stay afloat and stay relevant. Business models need a makeover as consumers and business partners have a renewed pproach towards making alliances and investments to secure their futures.

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Webinar 3: Unexpected times in digital textile printing - There is an opportunity

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Webinar delivered by Mr Vinod Krishnamurthy Iyer, CEO Fortuna Colours

The webinar was one of a kind with Mr Vinod naming all the opportunities that the post covid era is going to bring to the industry. He discussed new ways to drive products and services that can drive value. He suggested that companies need to look at putting digital pritning to various applications to ensure maximum performance.

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E-connecting businesses through a sourcing webinar

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Sourcing webinar to E-connect the printing industry

The webinar aimed at promoting trade conversations at a time when the industry had slowed down. This gave brands a platform to showcase their latest technology and instigate buyer-seller interactions. Brands that participated in the webinar were, DCC, Arrow Digital, Schutzen India, SanPrintech Pvt. Ltd. and RISO India. 

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